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Fitness and beauty by Dinasty McRae is a service dedicated to the healing and comforting effects of getting monthly massages. I want to offer my experience and education about the anatomy of the body and the physchological as well as physiological effects massage therpy has on the human body. It also deals with how to start your career as a model, how to put together a professional portfolio that attracts a different variety of agencies, the importance of comp cards and how to create one, and how to present yourself at auditions, and interviews. Also, I would like to share my knowledge about how make-up should inhance your look and tips to acheive everything from eveyday, business, daytime, and evening looks.

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I have an extensive education in massage therapy from Everest Institute and I have passed the national exam for therapeutic massage and body work. Also I started a career in modeling and learned a great deal about the business. However, I am no longer modeling because I am a new mother but I am offering my knowledge.


I had been working as a massage therapist since 2007 before I damaged my wrist.

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