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Speech Language Therapy


People may need the services of a Speech and Language Therapist if they experience the following: difficulty finding (retrieving) the right words to say or write down (expressive dysphasia) difficulty understanding (comprehending) what is said or written down (receptive dysphasia) difficulty making themselves understood because their speech is ‘slurred’ (dysarthric) difficulty eating/drinking and/or swallowing because of a known neurological injury/accident or disease (dysphagia) difficulty speaking and/or swallowing following head and neck cancer difficulty speaking fluently have difficulty following instructions, and understanding what is said to them have very little speech have speech that is difficult to understand have a stammer have difficulty concentrating and taking turns have a specific diagnosis of conditions such as; autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, Down’s Syndrome, Developmental Delay etc.

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Sofia University Bulgaria “St Kliment Ohridski” faculty of Primary and Preschool education department of special education 4 years Speech Pathologist and Therapist BA in 1997. Masters 1 year “Communicative disorders of decreasing growth” Second masters 1 year “Education for children with neurosomatical diseases


I have 5 years experience travel in and around Athens visiting at home patients . My experiences include working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, cleft-palate, developmental verbal apraxia, hearing impairments, language delays and articulation difficulties. Also in adult individuals with head injuries, strokes, or neurological diseases ,afasia.

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