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I offer a listening ear and hope for the journey of life. Whether you are struggling with a marital, family, or other relationship issue, or you are in the midst of crisis, I will listen without judgment, offer practical steps, and most of all, renew your hope. I can assist you with relationship, career, health, trauma, addiction, parenting, marriage, sexuality, and other issues. Enter your question or concern into chat and tell me what’s going on. It’s free until we agree that I can help you. My services are 1/3 what you’d have to pay to a lay counselor. Be good to yourself and let me hear what’s on your heart.

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Life skills include 20+ years of personal counseling, 25 years as a Christian, 3 1/2 years in co-dependency recovery and sexual addiction education


I came from a childhood of codependency and abuse. I married my husband in 1985 and we have 3 children, two in college and one still at home. I have had years of therapy and have walked a hard road. I am still married to my husband, who struggles with sexual addiction and I am in recovery for co-dependence and care-taking behaviors. I currently attend group therapy weekly and have completed the Twelve Steps of AA. I have a lot of hope to offer through biblical wisdom and life experiences.

I believe most problems can be traced to a lack of one, two, or all three core issues: lack of security, lack of significance, or a lack of acceptance. I can help you discover what’s really going on.

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