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Tammy Schultz, a.k.a. Angel Wings 777, provides a close look w/your situation; good & bad, suggestions, why, feelings, thoughts, reasons, outcome! Remember~>She gives you honesty, but you choose your destiny! Come see her TODAY! 1st come, 1st serve!


Tammy will provide you with an in-depth, honest, detailed look, at your situation. Angel Wings 777 will explain why something is (or has been) happening, the event triggering the problem, possible solutions and how your present outcome appears to be headed.

In addition to all of this, Tammy is capable of telling you the feelings, thoughts and reasons someone may be acting peculiarly. Angel Wings 777 is non-judgmental, has a clear head and an open mind. Tammy can’t make your decisions for you, but she can present you with your choices and how they affect things. You will be the guide of your destination, but Angel Wings 777 can help you get there. Contact her today!

Tammy won’t lie to you because she knows lying to you to make you happy today could destroy your tomorrow. She has stated during conversations she can’t help people reach dreams if they can’t acknowledge the real problem being faced.

Share a cup of soul tea with your soon to be favorite MISS Tammy!

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Who is Tammy (Angel Wings 777)?~~>SHE’S A POTENTIAL SOLUTION! Why settle for ‘knowing’ your future if you can ‘mold’ destiny? Your situation has evolved, and maybe even caused confusion, but we’ll open the blinders so the sun shines in!

Tammy’s degrees and qualifications come from god and her many experiences in life. She has been through more than you could ever imagine, but these experiences, both happy and horrifying, help her be empathetic towards others. Angel Wings 777 casts no judgment with any questions asked during her tarot readings.



Angel Wings 777’s experience with the tarot and psychic abilities have been used for 22+ years. She has been using her skills and gifts to AID people in the betterment of life. Angel Wings 777 has tons of WONDERFUL feedback, and this site is a new addition to work Angel Wings 777 has already established. Don’t be afraid to see what Angel Wings 777 can produce for you!

Sometimes healing a part of our world takes a lot of strength; even pain to get what we want. It’s not always easy, but there is always a chance of making a situation brighter (even if a little).

You wouldn’t be coming to this site if you didn’t have a problem. Your situation is complex because it means a lot to you. Right now it looks bad, but if there is a way to fix the situation, it’s best to do everything you can.

Angel Wings 777 doesn’t like dealing with timing. She discovered telling people dates actually may interfere! If you sit like a bump on a log waiting for everything to happen, it may not! Goodness takes action.

Angel Wings 777 guides, but it’s your action(s) that make a difference. Other people involved make a difference; time is moot.

What you want to know is what to expect in the situation, so when it does happen, you know how to handle it! That’s where Angel Wings 777 comes in handy. Not only does she help with situations, but Angel Wings 777 reveals what people think; how they feel. She can tell you why they feel this way and what you can do to help the situation. Angel Wings 777 has done many readings to help others; successfully.

Today, concentrate on fixing the problem. The surface may start with a negative comment, said during a heated debate and appears cut and dry. Only it’s not that simple! Something caused this person to think like this AND THAT, my friend, is what you need to know.

Personal objectivity can become narrow when you are at the center. Your personality plays a big part; preventing personal clarity. The solution may be simple, but it’s never recommended to wait for something to happen. You miss out on adventure, and Angel Wings 777 faces God w/going to hell in a handbasket. ;)

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18 Aug 2008 excellent ranking ashleigh (unregistered)

Ah! I could easily say most satisfying psychic ever. Really, she's such a fast typer and connects so fast. She's VERY accurate with things and I love talking to her. Really, you get so much for a reasonable price. Hire her! :)

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08 Aug 2008 excellent ranking ashleigh (unregistered)


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15 Jun 2008 excellent ranking Guest (unregistered)

very good..but it was hard to chat without using up my 3 questions right away. so i never did find out if i should leave him alone and hope he contacts me and if i should get him to get his things..good reading..thanks...

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18 May 2008 excellent ranking Guest (unregistered)

very, very good, and hope she's right that he'll be back..i wish i would have gone to that meeting now

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25 Apr 2008 excellent ranking Guest (unregistered)

Angel Wings 777 was absolutely wonderful. We had a deep connection as I feel she was picking up on everything accurately about the questions that I asked. I did not need to give her any information. She picked up on things without any details. I will definately keep in touch as things transpire. She is very honest & does not sugarcoat. I will definately be contacting you back! Thank you Angel Wings!

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