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No relationship (or would-be relationship) is ever perfect. I deal with love, relationships, friendships, and marriages. The advice that I give on building a relationship or marriage is practical and honest, based on experience.

I will tell it how it is, without embellishment, but in a compassionate, caring way so that you will have the tools to work on a relationship.

Often, even the stablest of marriages can be stressful. This is why I developed several stress management techniques to help with that.

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"There is no greater teacher than experience."

Much of my knowledge is self-taught, through experiences both positive and negative.

*Mentoring/Counseling *Stress Relief Management *NLP and Transactional Analysis *Author of various handbooks on meditation/grounding and stress relief (currently out-of-print).


I have ample experience when it comes to relationships. The hardest parts are finding someone you can relate to, forging the relationship and keeping it going.

Here, I can help by offering advice on the most important steps to building a relationship and ensuring its continued success.

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