Luke Lightly

Strong, genuine and honest Lightworker. 20 yrs experience providing services in spiritual-life, relationship and love consultations. Accurate oracle card readings, and energy worker. Non-judgemental, LGBT-friendly.


A sensitive intuitive, insightful channeler and accurate reader of card decks. Able to work together with the angelic, devic realm, and the beings-of-light, to get to the-crux-of-the-matter. I can help restore your sense of inner harmony and provide clarity on issues that cloud your senses. Chat with me about what weighs on your heart and mind, let me help bring some light and lightness into your day. Let us, together, help you reconnect your mind, body and heart to your spirit.


I am a naturopathic consultant specialising in health, well-being and beauty. I’ve worked in medispas and health centres helping people to look and feel their best. As a gifted intuitive, I also help counsel people with their emotional and spiritual health using different naturopathic methods. In helping people with their physical and emotional health, I’ve also helped people overcome obstacles on their spiritual journey. I use a combination of different card decks to help elucidate current and potential blockages, and use different techniques, including prescribing flower essences, to help clear these blockages.

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