The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado

Natural Success Life Coach


I will help you with your immediate concerns. I am very experienced in many areas and can help you find a solution right away. I have many services and programs available to you through my websites so that you can have all the follow up and continuance you need without the financial burden of constant chats.

You need to know that the method I founded and the programs I have created are your best resource. Most therapies and coaches only provide you with a band aid or temporary "fix". Mine is a total education in correcting the errors most of us have concerning ourselves and others that help create the problems we are having. My program is the only true permanent remedy for you!

We can chat, video chat, email, or use the phone. My purpose is to make sure that you overcome your challenges and succeed!

Over and above many others, I have the writings, the DVDs, the courses, the programs, and an impeccable track record attesting to my efficacy. Let’s begin right now to progress foward!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Doctor of Cognitive Mentoring Science
Ministerial Certification
International Federation of Christian Chaplains
Mentor of Philosophy
Senior Pastor
University Founder & Chancellor


Over 24 years of community and pastoral experience in helping people solve their problems: marital, teens, parenting, academic improvement, graduate level cognition enhancement, children’s behavioral & academic improvement, success & life coaching, road rage, anger & stress, low self-esteem, confidence boosting, self development, bullying and harassment, getting your life on track, following your dreams and goals, always moving you forward with a positive attitude.

I hold certifications from and receive clients from the New York Administration for Children’s Services, New York State Court System and other social workers / agencies.

Authorized in NYS as a Psychotherapist• Mental Health Counselor • Cognitive Mentor Therapist • Marriage & Family Therapist • Music Cognitive Specialist • Creative Arts Therapist

I am the author of the following seminar series:
- Natural Success
- Love & Respect
- True Love
- Perfecting Love
- “The NEW Education”:
Learn the Secrets to Improve Academic Standing & Ensure Intellectual Advantage in Life.
- Improving Child Behavior & Cognitive Development
- Resolving Conflict


  1. 0:4-10-2010-DVD Understanding Universal Purpose
  2. 1:5-08-2010-DVD Defining Success
  3. 2:6-12-2010-DVD The Success Code
  4. 3:7-10-2010-DVD Your Identity Is Your Success!
  5. 4:8-07-2010-DVD You’re the Missing Link! Spectral & Elemental Realities.

All DVDs are viewable at:

I have authored over 30 tomes on diverse topics ranging from love, theology, psychology, education, mysticism, religions, church history, child rearing, personal development, and many more including a university text.

CORPORATE SOLUTIONS: The Rev. Gilberto Rosado offers businesses of all types and sizes an easy way to help their staff become more productive and happy individuals via his many employee benefit programs available for both employers and unions. These non-denominational and non-religious services provide employees with much needed help that serves to difuse the frustrations that build up in a person – eventually causing diverse workplace disasters to occur.

The cost effective International Parent’s Club program is available for unions and businesses to provide the most cost effective mental health solutions for their employees. Under their logo and name brand, organizations & businesses can retain all the benefits of the International Parent’s Club for their respective members (employees) by purchasing 1 membership per ten members (10%).

Founder & Director, Cognitive Mentoring Bus Program
Founder & Director, Rosado Marriage Maintenance Institute
Founder & Director, Cognitive Assistance Program (CAP)
Founder & Director, Child Behavioral & Cognitive Development Institute
Founder & Director, Cognitive Foundation Schools & Kindergarten
Founder & Director, Employee Motivation Maintenance Institute
Founder & Director, Our Kids Our Community Program

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Languages: English, Spanish

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