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Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotion Company specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing for musicians, labels, clothing companies, studios, Non Profit Organizations and other businesses who seek servicing.
Shorty Produkshins provides Promotion and Internet Marketing to its clientele, taking advantage of the efforts that have arose from Web 2.0. and what is soon to be Web 3.0. Everything from Social Networking to Mobile Marketing leaves customers begging for more from our clientele, through direct target marketing techniques. Shorty Produkshins initiates partnerships and sponsorships between these companies and potential prospects in order to make these companies and artists more desirable to the public and major labels.

Owners of Shorty Produkshins are members of the Recording Academy and WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network)

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Master of Science – Internet Marketing
Master of Science – Entertainment Business & Law
Bachelor of Science – Entertainment Business & Law
Associate of Science – Recording Arts

Business Owner
– Shorty Produkshins (Record Label turned Promotions Company)
– Shorty’s Playground (Recording Studio)


My Personal Story

I have been engaged in Internet Marketing through self-education since 1998, as a young girl promoting my hobbies via the Internet. As 2003 approached and I began studies in Recording Arts at Full Sail University (Orlando, FL), I began picking up “tricks-of-the-trade” from those in the Entertainment Industry. At this time, I had started my own record labe,l which found success. Through the years, I had to promote and market my own artists, events and products locally, as well as Internationally based on genre.

In 2005, I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Entertainment Business and Law. I also go sick of “babysitting” artists. So, I went on to promoting producers and beatmakers, compensated only through a percentage of sales. This continued until the over-saturation of the Independent producer market and down-turning economic crisis.

Because many “producers” were selling quality beats for $25, it was getting tough to sell beats for $1,000 and up! Only making 25% a sale, it was no longer worth my time.

During the 2008-year, many new things happened for me and my company. I promoted for larger names in the Entertainment Industry, earning Executive Producer credit on five projects for one company in particular. This year, I also went back to school for my Master of Science in Entertainment Business and Law (graduating in 2009) and also opened up a new studio. In the past, I had owned studios and had to promote my services for those, as well.

Between 2008 and 2009, I began transforming my company into an Online Promotion company and have found much success. I have worked with many individuals, small businesses, studios, labels, artists (indie and major), events, venues, social networking sites, web sites, charities and Non Profit Organizations in primarily (but not limited to) Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Orlando. I also earned a Master’s in Internet Marketing at this time.

I am always willing to work with other promoter-entrepreneurs, students and clients, of course. My company is also very eager to barter cross-promotion endeavors. Below, you may find a select few of my services and expertise. Feel free to ask any questions and/or ask for help.

Callers, I will work out deals with you about any servicing needs.

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