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Got a job your working on whether it be commercial or just a do-it-yourself project. Need help figuring it out or how to do something. Contact me, I’d be happy to help you out. My service covers a vast area of knowledge. From construction /remodeling to heavy equipment, welding, plumbing, framing, carpentry, basic automotive, steel work and much much more!!!! Need help with something I’m your man.

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certified Welder, plumber, master carpenter, heavy equipment. etc.


Over 20 years in the construction trade including all aspects, plumbing, framing, electrical, siding, blueprinting and design roofing,remodeling,concrete and masonary, paving, doors and frames residential and commercial, basic lock smithing and keying, light and heavy equipment operation.Welding and fabrication, metal work, steel cutting and burning. Chainsaw and logging.

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