I am a self taught TILA expert out of my need to understand my case where I was never in default but the lender exacted mortgage servicing fraud against me & decided to hold all my timely payments in a suspense account & commence with an illegal foreclosure. I am a real estate professional of over 23 yrs and am a MD licensed appraiser and salesperson & a former Exec. of Finance, Property Manager, the later dealt with leases terms, contract breach, tenant holding over, breach of lease and forcible detainers and have been able to put my professional expertise to good work. I have a comprehensive understanding of the TILA laws after reading hundreds of TILA lawsuits for 7 years. I also do Loan audits. If you have a situation of predatory lending leading to foreclosure I would be glad to do an audit for you to let you know where you stand and most importantly, if you can rescind your loan! My heart’s burning desire is to see homeowners SET FREE of the bondage of predatory lending and the loss of their home.

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