I hear you when your lonely I feel when you are sad I’m strong enough to lean on when your hurt or feeling bad. I may not have a fortune nor wealth as great as the sea but my heart is big and open and my knowledge may help set you free.

I am an average person, I AM NOT A PSYCHIC, though my tarrots and dreams come true (I don’t do tarrot online). I can help you in 3 ways: 1. Book smart – Formal Education is a seen and known form of assistance; 2. Life smart – Life Experience I have a lot of as I lived the life of 5 ppl; 3. Spiritual smart – I feel emotions strongly but this does not make me psychic as I can only tell your emotional status not the reason.

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I hold degrees in Accounting, Office Management, Travel Specialist, Bartending or Mixologist as we are now called, and a RN (Registered Nurse).


I have a lot of experience in just about everything because I was a single mother of 4 for 17 years. What I lack in book knowledge I make up in experience. I have diabetes, a heart condition, and many other illnesses. Being a retired RN I can help some with advise but I am not a doctor. I have experience in plumbing, electrical, heavy equipment, sewing, cooking, cleaning, anything on the computer, I speak Spanish and much much more! I never stop learning!

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Languages: English and Spanish

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