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As a commercial property broker-consultant with over forty years experience, I now specialize in helping clients who own all types of commercial properties. These properties range from hotels/resorts, shopping centers, office buildings, automobile dealerships,medical buildings/hospitals, assisted living facilities/doctor offices, gas service stations, drug stores, daycare schools, apartment buildings, movie theatres, banks, golf courses, casinos, ski lodges, and animal hospitals to name a few. Our company Property Allocation Consultants, LLC., based in Huntington, New York, has done thousands of ‘Cost Segregation Studies’ nationwide that have benefitted clients immensely. Through our IRS-sanctioned ‘engineering-methodology’ we are able to “reallocate” a properties straight-line depreciation schedule by (1)frontloading (5 or 7 year accelerated depreciation) (2)reducing tax liability (3)substantially increasing cash flow (4)’recapturing’ lost depreciation. Contact: hkaahea@propertyallocationconsultants.com

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Commercial Property Broker 1968-2007 in Hawaii and California Commercial Property Funding 1980-2001 Elam Capital Funding, LLC. Director of Entertainment for Hyatt Hotels. International 1976-11982 Director of Entertainment for Ilikai Hotel and Makaha Inn 1965-1972 Entertainment Coordinator Newport Beach Yacht Club (CA) 1972-1976 Mentored in commercial properties by Hideo Hamaishi and Chinn Ho developers of Hawaii’s first 30-story hotel and golf resort who also sold real estate to first wave of Japanese and Hong Kong investors Commodities trader 1972- present Consultant for commercial property owners seeking more tax benefits- present hkaahea@propertyallocationconsultants.com


Over forty years of working with commercial property owners, developers, brokers, investors, CPAs, tax certiorari attorneys, title firms, appraisers, 1031 exchange services and other professional companies involved in commercial real estate, my one interest today is in providing our clients with the only way to invest properly by offering a ‘cost segregation study’. Because we strictly adhere to IRS Guidelines, this allows our clients to frontload depreciation by accelerating their depreciation schedule (5 or 7 years instead of 39 straight-line) thereby freeing up cash flow. Cash flow is more important today as witness the economy. Cash flow allows owners to reinvest that money back into the business or into a money fund drawing interest at today’s value (time-value of money). A cost segregation study also benefits owners by reducing tax liability when the property is sold. ‘Lost depreciation’ can be recovered through a “catch-up” depreciation opportunity. An owner’s borrowing capability improves due to increased cash flow. A client can take advantage of tax-deferred 1031 exchanges. My experiences in this industry is substantial and if investors are looking to purchase commercial property, sell or exchange or conduct a cost segregation survey I can be reached by email: hkaahea@propertyallocationconsultants.com

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