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Let it Out Services, is place you can go if you need someone to talk to-discussion or advice on life in general?


I have been helping people deal with their problems, no matter big or small, for over 10 years! If you just need uplifting words, advice on different situations in life, or just someone to talk to, then I am hear for you! Just give me a call, the first 3 minutes are free! Email me at or call 317-608-0352 to set up an appointment.

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I have an Associates in Healthcare Management, Bachelor’s in Business, Master in Psychology. I currently work part time, counseling an array of clients. I have received an achievement award for being counselor of the year. I love talking with people and discussing life and different things that arrive.


I have over 10 years experience in counseling services. For 2 years worked with children and teenagers. For the last 8 years I have been working as a virtual counselor, answering calls giving advice on anything from financial, love and life, experiences, tragedies, friends, and several more. I love listening, and allowing my patients to the opportunity to venture off, get things off of your chest that you just can relieve yourself off. I will be that mentor of you, helping you see your way through the daily issues of life, and help you cope on dealing with it!

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