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want to know anything about ancient history, have always wandered which pharaoh was it that builded the pyramids, what happened in ancient Ireland and how is it connected with atlantis ? what were the romans and the greeks like, wandered what is the difference between the sumerians and the babylonians, or what secrets the lost civilizations of africa hold ? well you came to the right place. also perhaps you have a manuscript or just a script and you don’t understand in which language it is written ? well i can help you decode any message and specialize in ancient types of writing.

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i study middle east and Africa studys in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem


since many years i am interested in these aria,the ancient world and what it has to tell always fascinated me, the secrets of the past many times hold the keys to the future i think, these was the reason i devoted a lot of time to the study of ancient cultures, and there mythology. and thats how my interests in the writing system of the world begone and continues until these day and with it the cracking of enigmas and cods

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