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Travis Wesselmann

Dream Interpretation


A dream is a powerful thing. Ancient historic figures often spoke of dreams as a vital tool in there interaction within reality. Even scientists such as Einstein and Thomas Edison used dreams as an indispensable source. If you have a dream which has been troubling you or that stands out from the rest tell it to me and I would be happy to give you an interpretation. Your dream could be anything from the one you had last night to a dream you never forgot since child hood. Some dream interpretations will reveal something that is about to happen in your life, or a habit that has crept into your life without you knowing etc. I hope that I can guide you to a happier life and a deeper understanding of everything around you.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

God does not Call the Qualified, he Qualifies the Called.

Schooling would only cloud my judgment in the field of any supernatural gift.


17 years of time tested interpretations, all have been successful in determining future events or current fixable problems.

14 years of music training

Kung Fu martial arts training/study

18 years of intensive dream study, and exploration

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